A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dungeon Tracks is a fast paced twin-stick-dungeon crawler where you  play Susi the sparkling Panzer, wrongfully arrested in a dungeon and seeking freedom. 

Escape by either bombing your way free or charming your opponents with your dazzling sparkle!

This game was originally made during the CherryJam 2017  game-jam and had no sound.

After the jam was over we updated it with music, soundeffects and bugfixes as well as some usability enhancements inspired by the feedback we received at the jam. 


Some users report that a Windows SmartScreen alert appears stating that the game isn’t certified. As we are a indie-dev team that has not made it yet that far to get Microsoft certificates and are using the free GodotEngine (which presumably do not have those either?), so we sadly cannot provide you  with a run out of the box solution to this problem yet. You can dismiss the warning message though and just play. We promise that if you got the game here from Itch.io over a secure channel (https), you won't get any viruses or malware of any kind from us!

The same goes for Mac and Linux versions.

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In compliance to German laws we want to point out our:
Legal Notes / Impressum 

Install instructions

To play the game please download and extract the Zip-file for your operating system. You should be able to play now by starting the extracted executable. If you are on Mac you should be able to install the game like you would any other app. If you are on Linux you need to change permissions to run the extracted DungeonTracks executable.


DungeonTracks_Windows.zip (10 MB)
DungeonTracks_Linux.zip (13 MB)
DungeonTracks_Mac.zip (22 MB)

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